The "Latest release" show in "Release" tab isn't real latest

This maybe github bug?
For example, Releases · BtbN/FFmpeg-Builds · GitHub :
The “Latest release” show in “Release” tab is 2021-12-15 :

But real latest is “2021-12-16”:

Also,my repo have same problem:
The “Latest release” show in “Release” tab is “2021-12-14”
But real latest is “2021-12-16”

The tag shows right:

It has to do w/ publication date – which you can see on the left (outside the box).

The whole latest thing is a bit of a mess.

But, roughly it’s possible to create a build and then publish it later. Or for fun, to publish, unpublish, an republish.

Ignoring that, one can have a main release and a lts release, and if the lts release has done a point release recently, it can be listed as “latest”, and while that’s technically correct, it’s practically unhelpful since a user wouldn’t really think of that as “latest” (unless they wanted an lts release).

Thanks for your reply
In fact, the same problem occurred in my own repo(Releases · zhongfly/mpv-winbuild · GitHub)
The latest shoule be Release MPV 2021-12-16 12:26 · zhongfly/mpv-winbuild · GitHub
I expect it to be marked as the “latest”
What should I do?

Here’s a picture of which I’m including for reference of your example:

I have no idea what’s going on here.

Yes,I was very confused, it was completely different from the order I expected.

You aren’t the only person complaining right now, so my guess is something’s broken:

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