The key ssh ed25519 does not go

hi, i tried to create an ssh key ed25519 but when i create it it tells me: you may need to touch your authenticator to authorize key generator

That sounds like you might have selected the key type “ed25519-sk” instead of “ed25519”. The former is generated and stored in a hardware token (what’s called “authenticator” in the error message). If you want to generate a key that’s stored in a file on your computer you need to change the key type to one without “-sk”.

is there any detailed guide on how to do these steps

That depends on the exact tool you’re using, you’ll have to check its documentation. If you’re using ssh-keygen check the -t option.

If you’d like people to help you here you’ll have to provide more details about what exactly you are doing.

i am using kali linux as os, and i wanted to know if it is possible to solve this problem, and i use it for github for this i need this key

Again: It is possible by selecting the right key type. If you’re using Kali ssh-keygen is definitely available, if you’re using some other tool it depends on that tool.

Hi @stella2021g , welcome to the GitHub Support Community! We have a guide “Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent” that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

The important step to note, as @airtower-luna already highlighted, is that you will need to follow the steps under Generating a new SSH key and not the steps under Generating a new SSH key for a hardware security key unless you want to use a FIDO2 security key (which is a great feature, and I highly recommend them, but requires you to own the keys).

Please let me know if you have any trouble following these steps and I’ll be happy to help!

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ok thanks i solved it, but i’m having another problem, i use the kali linux operating system i installed from github metasploit-framework the error i get is when i try to create an msfvenom payload and then i put msfconsole to create the session but meterpreter session is not valid tells me if you can help me, this morning I went now not

this morning he went and now he doesn’t go

hi, i’m having problems with metasploit framework, once i create the apk with msfvenom and then i open metasploit framework i use exploit multi handler, set payload android meterpreter reverse_tcp, set lhost, set lport, exploit, or the session is not created or it tells me closed session how to do I look forward to your answer

Hi there @stella2021g :wave:

Big thanks to @airtower-luna for helping you get this far, already! I would say though, that you are now past the issues in using GitHub itself, and are having issues with a specific framework, which is hosted on GitHub.

From their repository:

…there are paths to getting assistance. Looks like you may want to join their IRC, or review their forum:

Though if you have more questions about GitHub itself, perhaps consider opening a new thread.

Cheers! :bow:

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