The job failed ASAP if no self-hosted runner is running

Hi, there:

I noticed this behaviour changed from time to time. Previously, we need a self-hosted runner there to pick up the job, otherwise it fails ASAP. This behaviour changed weeks ago, the jop will wait there to see if a self-hosted running is coming up.

Now it failed again if no self-hosted runner is there.

Can anyone shed the light here?

We are rolling out changes to not fail your workflow run if there is no label matching runner available for 24 hours.

The expected behavior should be when you queue a workflow run, if you have a self-hosted runner that matches all required labels, then the job should run immediately. If you don’t have a runner that matches all required labels at the moment, the job should sit there and wait for 24 hours for any runner to come online to take the job before failing.

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