The Jamstack Identity Crisis

The term Jamstack is only about 7 years old, but the definition has always been evolving, lately at a rapid pace. New techniques and technologies are forcing developers to reconsider what makes a site Jamstack. In this session, Ishan Anand will discuss some of the changes that are impacting Jamstack and try to define a unifying theory of what Jamstack is.

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The Jamstack Identity Crisis

It seems like Jamstack is going through an identity crisis. How do we make Jamstack work for sites with hundreds of thousands of pages? Can you use SSR and still be Jamstack? How do we reconcile static builds with emerging techniques like ISG/ISR & DPR. In this thought provoking talk, we’ll chart the evolving definition of Jamstack over the years and where it may go in the future.”

We’ll cover:

  • Chart the evolution of the term jamstack though recent history
  • Describe some of emerging Jamstack techniques:
    • Phil Hawksworth’s Vlolly as a precursor to ISG, etc.
    • ISG/ISR from Next.js
    • Parallel Static Rendering
    • Distributed Persistent Rendering
  • The unifying theory “Jamstack isn’t binary; It’s a spectrum”