The Insights > Network page graph not in dark mode

Here’s an example from the [EpiLink] repo


Hi, Insights > Network page has white sections.

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Thanks for also catching and sharing this @rohanrhu! We have this in our bug backlog to address soon.

Thanks for reporting this @utybo! Fixing this view didn’t make it into the beta ship but is on our roadmap to address soon.

In Network graph page, there are some place still using white color backgroud.

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Thanks for taking the time to report this @lxlgarnett! :pray:
Fixing this view didn’t make it in for the initial beta release but it’s on our backlog to fix. I’m going to merge this topic with a similar one so that we can keep he discussion all in one place!

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I go to this page and the network graph is only partially dark.

Thanks for reporting this @12rambau! This is a known issue that we didn’t quite get fixed for the initial beta release but have in our backlog to address soon. I’m going to merge this with a similar topic to keep the discussion all in one place


@QuantumNovice thanks for sharing this - we are aware of this not yet being supported in dark mode and have it in our backlog to fix!

The Network Graph (accessible under Insights in every [public?] repository) displays the main track and the axis label areas in a light theme.

Images (using schuelermine/hextra):


@schuelermine we have this in our backlog to fix soon! Hopefully it’s not too disruptive in the meantime

I dont know where I should say this. I hope somebody can help me.
Under the “People”-Tab at an organization the boxes are still white.
I’m pretty sure that’s not what is intended.

@eliastheis can you share a screenshot? I have a feeling this might be related to this topic but a screenshot would help

@gaknoll thanks for the reply.
Here is a screenshot:

I’m going to try and replicate this now, but are you by chance using the extension refined-github? We’ve been seeing similar issues like this that have been caused by that :thinking:

@eliastheis Oh wow, just replicated it… thank you for catching this! It’s really bad :sweat_smile:

@gaknoll Thank you very much for your effort.
As you have probably already guessed, I am not using refined-github.
I am happy to have contributed.


:wave: We just shipped a fix for the network graph in dark mode. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!