The human authentication is too hard to pass!

I recently had the unpleasant experience to have to reset my password and the human authentication gave me hell. It consists of game of dices. 6 images, each with 4 dices. Requirement is to pick the image where dices add to 14. The game prompts 5/10/20 times, idk how its determined, but the timers are ridiculous and the question isnt even formulated correct. I had to play for 15 mnts to prove im a human. There isnt enough time to check on each image if you happen to go in the wrong order. The question even tells you to look for addition note more than 14, not exactly 14…This game isnt looking for a human being, its looking for people over 150 IQ

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I’m sorry you had a bit of a challenge. We have unfortunately had to implement the captcha for password resets due to some abuse of the feature.

The puzzle’s difficulty does vary based on a number of indicators. If you run into trouble with it again, make sure you’re not using a VPN or any kind of connection that might be shared with a large number of people, just in case someone else on that connection is triggering more stringent security measures.

Complete agreement with you … wasted 15 minutes to reset a password…