The GitHub Packages service encountered an error

lerna http fetch PUT 500 101961ms attempt #3
lerna ERR! E500 The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.
##[error]Process completed with exit code 1.

How do I find out, what error this could be? Earlier the space used by my packages was full, but I removed all of them, so this shouldn’t be it. Where can we demand more insightful error messages then that?


@boredland ,

I have helped you report this ticket to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation. If they have any progress, I will notify you in time, and sometimes the appropriate engineers may directly reply you here.

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There was an upstream Node.js problem at the exact same time that caused this error. Some more information here:

We also had users report similar 500s in our setup-node action

We’ve noted your feedback, and apologies for the rather vauge error messages. If you hit this problem again, please let us know!

Hey, we’re experiencing the same issue (lerna ERR! E500 The GitHub Packages service encountered an error) since yesterday and we don’t know where to investigate. By any chance do you know something that could help us ? :pray: thanks by advance for the help.


Hitting the exact same error since about 30.06.2021, 09:00 AM UTC.
Not using lerna in our case, but semantic-release. We’re als using scoped packages, if that makes any difference?
I’ve reached out to GitHub support for this as well.

Only thing I’ve found out so far is this blog post that kind of matches timing-wise (brown-out period starting June 30th 07-10 UTC): Token authentication requirements for Git operations | The GitHub Blog

Although I don’t see us using password-authentication, but access tokens already. Also, I’d expect a different error than a 500 in that case.

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Same also reported here: Github Packages returns 500 error when pushing new packages so definitely more people facing this as well


Same reported here: Not able to publish to npm private repo

Meanwhile, I got a reply from GitHub support on that matter.
They suggested to remove old package versions as a workaround.

And indeed I got publishing working again after deleting all but the 30 latest package versions (using GitHub - SmartsquareGmbH/delete-old-packages: Github action for deleting old versions of packages in the Github package registry.).

We deleted around ~400 versions, it didn’t help.

btw deleted versions remain available under “Deleted” filter in the “Manage versions” page

Also getting this issue on an enterprise repo.

Experiencing this issue today publishing a private GitHub-hosted NPM package.

lerna http fetch PUT 500[redacted-package-name] 20131ms
lerna ERR! E500 The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.

At one point it was a 502 error.

Can anyone who responded earlier share how they resolved this?

I’m also getting the same error too. Tried publishing 3 times using Lerna, and 3 times it failed with 500 responses, each for a different package.

I’ve experienced this error very intermittently in the past, but normally only once and then the 2nd attempt is successful.

We’re also seeing this issue more and more when publishing with Lerna, the last couple of days it’s almost on every publish. Usually it works again after a couple of local retries.

I cannot publish anymore having the same 500 error. Can you please help us resolve it ?

Same here, cannot publish anymore due to

lerna http fetch PUT 500 10205ms


We have the same problem for the last 5 hours

npm ERR! code E500
npm ERR! 500 Internal Server Error - PUT The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.

I am having same issue

lerna http fetch PUT 502  103518ms attempt #3
lerna ERR! E502 502 Bad Gateway - PUT 

Getting this again today. Completely blocked in our work. Has anyone found a workaround?


I am having same issue

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Having same issue; had it last week as well, although it eventually resolved.