The git version numbers and release notes are confusing me

I am on CentOS 7. My up-to-date yum git version is On the git mirror repo here, the latest version release notes show the latest version is 2.9.5. On the main git download page for Linux, it says to simply use yum to get git. The Mac and Windows version from the same site show versions of ~2.16

Can someone help explain why none of the versions are lining up?

Hi @tannermoore,

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Hi Tanner,

These version numbers are not lining up for two separate reasons:

  • CentOS don’t do version upgrades of included packages after their distro has been released, only patches. So git will be stuck on 1.8 there for a while. Though there are third-party packages with newer versions
  • The release notes are ordered alphabetically not numerically. So if you scroll up a bit, you will actually see the release notes for 2.16 and 2.17

Oh this helps! Thank you. I will see if I can get a 2.16 version installed manually on my machine.

Last question: why is ther a git 2.9.5 if 2.18 is the latest?