The Git Book — free English translation available on GitHub

Just wanted to announce that the English translation of the Das Git-Buch (The Git Book) is now available for read in Beta preview on GitHub:

The book has been fully translated but we’re about to proofread the whole text and improve some style and formatting issues — but you can start reading it without further ado!

Proofreaders Needed!

At the repository we need some help for the proofreading work, so I’m launching an appeal to native English speakers who are willing to volunteer for the task by contributing to the source repository:

The book is formatted in Asciidoctor (Ruby), so knowledge of AsciiDoc would be most useful for the task.

About the Book

It’s the English translation of the German book Git, Verteilte Versionskontrolle für Code und Dokumente (Git, Distributed version control for code and documents) by Valentin Haenel and Julius Plenz, 2nd Ed. 2014 — aka Das Git-Buch:

This is an excellent book for learning Git, especially for those who come from SVN (the book goes to great lengths explaining how to migrate repositories from SVN to Git, and other SVN related topics). There’s also a whole chapter dedicated to GitHub.

The Git book was published in paperback and eBook editions by Open Source Press (2003–2015), a Munich based computer book publisher specialized in open-source software and philosophy topics.

When Open Source Press ceased all publishing activities in December 2015, it transferred all the rights of the published texts back to their original authors.
V.Haenel and J.Plenz decided to release their Git book under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, and published its full sources in AsciiDoc (Python) on GitHub:

The English translation was carried out by Tristano Ajmone (me) and Alexander Bolli (Alex being a native German speaker). We started out on the project on June 2020, but eventually work slowed down due to lack of enough spare free time (especially on my side), but we recently managed to move from the Alpha stage to Beta, finally offering an online Beta preview of the book.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, and that it will prove useful to those approaching Git for the first time, as well as those wishing to learn Git advanced features. All feedback is welcome, and contributions via pull requests are much appreciated.