The file is not uploaded to github pages

Hello, I have such a problem that the js file is not uploaded to github pages three or four ago, and it simply does not exist. I checked on my local server everything works there and there is no repository here GitHub - deathwing122/lessons

Please, next time also post the link to the GHPages website associated with the repository:

I can see the file alright:

maybe it was just an issue relating to updates. GHPages websites are not always updated in real time. The delay might depend on a number of factor, beginning with limitations on the frequency you can update the site in terms of pushes per hour and per day, and then due to Internet caching which might be leading you to see a cached version instead of the latest update.

The latter has been often reported, where some users could not see applied changes in their website, whereas users from other countries could, so it might depend on their ISP or the network in general. You can always try using proxies in your browser to circumvent this problem, since it often turns out a good way to bypass caching issues.