The directory that WILL NOT die

Hi. I’m new to both github and git, so this may be eye-rollingly obvious…
When I first created my project in github, I tried to include some binaries in a directory named ‘binaries’. Didn’t work; when downloaded, they contained only HTML. Discovered the “Releases” button, and put them there. So far, so good. But I can’t get rid of the old ‘binaries’ directory. Did this:

rm -rf applepi             # (Just to start from scratch)
git clone ssh://
cd applepi
git rm -r binaries         # dir is now gone...
git push                   #  git replies:  "Everything up-to-date"
cd .. ; rm -rf applepi     # check the result...
git clone ssh:// 
cd applepi                 # directory 'binaries'  is back !

What am I doing wrong?


I believe you need to commit the deleted directory before pushing to the remote repository.

git rm -r binaries
git commit -m "Removed binaries directory"
git push
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Sigh. Yes, eye-rollingly obvious. But it would have taken weeks for it to occur to me. Thanks, mcaskill! I owe you a beer.

We’ve all been there :beers:

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