The contributions to a specirfic repository won't show up. The email is right

I have a private repository to which I commit. The email and the name in the commit are the same as in my Github account. The repository shows that the last commits were minutes ago. However, the contributions graph says that I didn’t make any contribution today.

My contributions to another private repository that I own are shown in the graph (using the same author name and email in the commits).

What’s the problem with the repository that won’t update the contributions graph?

The documentation says you may need to wait up to 24h for the contribution to show up on the graph. I assume there’s some caching involved, and I wouldn’t be surprised if your own and others’ repositories are handled differently in that regard.

Hello, thanks for your answer. After waiting some days, the contributions still don’t show up. Newer contributions also don’t show up.

EDIT: I think I found the issue. I pushed to the develop branch while the repository’s default branch was master.

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