The commit messsages being cut is getting old

Would be possible to please have a preference about how many characters we want to display for a commit message? The line gets cut very early, and even having a lot of screen doesn’t help. Having to click the three dots (that I have been doing for years already is very annoying). Look at this screenshot for an illustration of what I mean. I think having an option in our profiles would be nice, so everyone is pleased. I code a lot and this behaviour is getting really old. Thanks!

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Hello - and thank you for this feedback!

Please submit your feedback via the new GitHub Feedback Discussions forum so that our product team can better track your request :slight_smile:. It’s a new thing, but we’re trying to push all product feedback to the same new area so it’s easier to find and consolidate user feedback!

Thanks, added The commit messages being cut is getting old · Discussion #16646 · github/feedback · GitHub