The commit message does not change

Hey guys, I’m using git commit --amend to edit a message commit and a new tab is open COMMIT_EDITMSG, I edit the message and save, but when I run the command git log is shown the old message.

Can someone help me?

“New tab” sounds like you’re not on the shell, where the commit should be changed after you close the editor. Could you explain what kind of environment you’re using?

Hello @airtower-luna I´m using vscode integrate terminal.

Then I hope someone who uses VSCode sees this. Usually Git actions that start an editor for user input finish when that editor is closed, but I don’t want to guess if closing the tab will do there. :wink:

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I had an idea. I updated git using the git update-git-for-windows command and it worked. Thanks brother :slight_smile:

Strange though, the amend command is not something new, and it has always worked fine even on Git for Windows. I wonder what the problem was.