The ability to code search across everything with the API would be useful

I’m trying to find plugins that people have written for - a useful trick here is that all plugins include the following line somewhere in their code: from datasette import hookimpl

I can run that search in the GitHub UI here:"from+datasette+import+hookimpl"&type=code

But… I want to automate this search so I can spot new plugins that people build as soon as they show up in the index."from%20datasette%20import%20hookimpl" returns the following error:

  "message": "Validation Failed",
  "errors": [
      "message": "Must include at least one user, organization, or repository",
      "resource": "Search",
      "field": "q",
      "code": "invalid"
  "documentation_url": ""

It would be really useful if the API could support code search across the whole of GitHub, not just limited to a user/org/repo.

It looks like this limitation was introduced in October 2013, when the API was in beta: New Validation Rule for Beta Code Search API | GitHub Developer Guide

Now that it’s 8 years later any chance of reconsidering that?