The 4th page of my GitHub Pages site won't load

Hello all!,
Im teaching myself html/css (2 weeks in) and I made a dumb site to post on GitHub pages for fun.
Everything was fine. Every page loaded (wellcome-pg5) and looked good.
I was making updates from atom editor and all of a sudden…, the 4th page got a 404 error.
Ive looked for 3 days on a solution with no avail.
Now on day 4. Ive ran all my code trough Linters for error checks with ZERO! (proud of that!)
Does anyone have some insight into this problem? all pages load except one?
Thank you all!

PS: I have a feeling it has something to do with my html coding and the linter didn’t catch it or see it & I haven’t noticed it. HELP! lol

can you please give the link for the repo of your site, so that we can check that,

Sorry about that. Here you go.
Its a dumb site. first one I’ve ever made.

and the other one that is not working, you provided the site, not the repo

please include the repo also

what filename of the page is not displaying as page on GitHub Pages?

“KidsTVShows.html” is the page that won’t load.

and also, what I noticed is that, you will find it difficult, please separate each page as separate folder

o, I never thought about doing that. good idea. ill give that a try from now on.

the problem is the URL

this last one is working

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ok. I see it now! omg…lol Thank you so much. I knew it was something dumb that I just couldn’t notice.