Thanks for the colorblind theme!

It’s really refreshing to see companies make their UI accessible to color deficiencies and colorblindness. I can’t speak for protes or tritans, but as a deut, this is exceptionally helpful.


I have a red green color vision deficiency and I love it. Thank you. :raised_hands:t3:


Tritans can see red/green as different, so they don’t need the colorblind setting. The new colorblind setting is actually mostly indistinguishable to them, lol.

There is, however, one color scheme that works for everybody: magenta/green. I detail it here: The new colorblind scheme is inaccessible for people with tritanopia

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It’s good to see the changing UI and accessiblity in our web design now. Thank you and the UI team for making change happen. I am hoping to do the same in my learning.