TFS to Github for Biztalk projects

Hello members,

My client is planning to move the source control from TFS to Github. 

could you please suggest what are the PROS and CONS for this ? anyone using GIT source control for Biztalk projects.

Couple of more questions:

  1. How the branching will be handled in GIT for biztalk projects

  2. How the source control will integrate with VS.

If GIT is not a good option , could you please provide the reason ? This will help me to take it forward.

Thank you for the help.



the branches are a very useful thing! he imagines a final program that has been divided into many small subproblems more easily in order to be able to develop it. In one branch the svillupatore can concentrate in the development of a function independently of the other developers.Github also allows all participants in a project to “control” the work between them.
but the most important thing is that as long as a branch is not eliminated, every single commint is a “save point” for your project. if big errors occur one is always able to go back as Github says “revert” at last secure commint.

check this file, maybe will help you:
if you need some information! let us know! cheers!