Text selection background color for dark mode

In dark mode, selected texts are unreadable because selection background color is the same as that of text.

It might be better if selection color becomes darker, such as #777.

I reproduce it in the environments below:



  • Google Chrome version 91.0.4472.77
  • Vivaldi version 3.8.2259.42
  • and don’t reproduce with Firefox version 89.0 (selected texts are readable) .

I hate it when people tell me to use https://support.github.com/contact, but this is a good case for it.

I say this as someone who is actively filing bugs against GitHub for problems in this area.

Do note that sometimes this is a browser issue (by default, selection color is a browser feature, and I’m not sure if GitHub is actively :hocho:ing its users in their :eye:s).

Definitely include your browser and OS version when filing bugs. (They’ll ask later, and you’ll be frustrated, especially since it’s likely your browser will have updated between the time you filed and when they ask/you go to respond.)


I added the environments to the topic description, thank you.

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Hi @ykdr8 - seeing this a bit late, but thanks for taking the time to report the issue. We’ve been tracking this issue and have made some improvements but still need to resolve it completely. I’ve moved this up in priority in our backlog.

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