Termux kit kat

Is there any termux kit kat apk?

kindly assist me and looking forward to hear from you soon. thx.

No momento ate agora acho que não existe para o kitkat meu caro, infelizmente o kitkat trabalha co a ‘‘API’’ 19 , enquanto o termux exige API mais elevada , bom oque talvez da pra fazer e tentar integrar ele no GNURoot Debian nao sei ou certo tambem quero muito para o KitKat mais é isso ai espero ter ajudado .

Hi @matrix-code-sudo,

Thanks for participating!

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Thanks for meeting us halfway :grinning:

“At the moment so far I think there is no kitkat my dear, unfortunately kitkat works with the ‘’ API ‘’ 19, while termux requires higher API, well what maybe to do and try to integrate it in GNURoot Debian I don’t know or right I also want a lot for KitKat but that’s it I hope I helped.”

I used Google Translate for this. :smiley: