Terminal persists in "Starting" state

I recently started trying the Codespaces Beta. The terminal persists in the starting state. When I start a new instance of the terminal it also hangs in the the same state.

Additional Context:
Not sure if this is relevant but I installed this particular Codespace as a PWA. (With Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Version 86.0.622.51)
I was working with a Codespace for this repo.

Thanks for reporting this! I just tried the repo you specified, and unfortunately wasn’t able to repro this issue. So the problem doesn’t appear to be specific to this project. I also tried using the browser and installing the PWA, and both worked fine. Two quick follow-up questions:

  1. Were you able to open and edit files just fine? And do your extensions seem to be working OK? I’m just wondering if this issue is limited to the terminal

  2. Do you have a personal repo named “dotfiles”? Assuming this issue only impacts your terminal, then I’m just trying to rule out an issue with your dotfiles repo that could be potentially impacting the terminal activiation.