Terminal message: batch response: Git LFS is disabled for this repository

I created an empty repo so the large files in another repo could all be moved to it. I have Git LFS working on the other repo and on my computer.

I cloned the new repo (which just had a license and a Readme), set up LFS locally, moved over the files, created a commit, and pushed. But I get a message “Git LFS is disabled for this repository”.

I have been looking under Settings to see if there is something I need to do on the remote end, but I don’t see anything. 

What should I do?

Okay - I recreated the repo locally, making a new folder and moving the files there from the previous repo folder (except the .git folder). I ran git init, set the remote to track, checked that the right file types were set to be handled by LFS, and tried again. This time it worked fine. Couldn’t tell you what was different.