Templates and Class in C++


I have found 2 exercices on internet and I don’t understand to solve it, there are the exercices :

  1. Code a class “SmartPointer”, it should be able to be used as a pointer. When the class instance is destroyed, the pointer is destroyed as well. The use of “void *” is forbidden, The class will have to support any type pointer.

  2. Code a function “print” which displays the number of parameter of the function then show them one by one.

Thanks you for your help :slight_smile:

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The first exercise can be approached using templates.

Templates in C++ are great. Without templates, you might have to define your smart pointer as follows:

typedef enum SmartPointerTypes {


} SmartPointerType;

typedef void * ForbiddenSmartPointer;

void useAndDelete(ForbiddenSmartPointer ptr,SmartPointerType type ) {

    if(type==INTEGER) {
         int * intPointer = (int*)ptr;

         int value = intPointer;
delete intPointer;


To write the same code using a template would look as follows:

template <typename Type> void useAndDelete(Type * ptr) {
	Type value = *ptr;
	delete ptr;

The second exercise could be asking you to use templates with more than one parameter, or it could be trying to introduce variadic functions