Telegram Shill bot / Python Start help (Newbie)


I hope it’s OK coming here asking very basic stuff.

So, I’m trying to create a simple TG shilling bot.
I’ve successfully found guides on how to proceed, however, I lack very elementary knowledge.

Currently trying to create this one: GitHub - surfranch/TelegramShillBot: A simple Telegram bot, written in Python, that you can use to shill (i.e. send messages) your token, or whatever, to channels.

What are the prerequisites to deploy an app / bot / software in python? And how are the specific prerequisites for the bot I’m trying to make?

Every guide I see says some stuff about docker and / or CMD / PowerShell.
But to be honest I don’t know where to put my code, or my head, for that matter.

I’m on a Windows 10 Home Computer.

Where is the code executed, do I type commands into a docker, cmd or Windows Powershell?
As it’s a Home version, Hyper-V (?) can’t be enabled.

However, I have enabled Linux substystem and Virtialization in BIOS. Is this sufficient to run the docker?
And do I need the docker?

I’m sorry my questions are all over the place.

In short:
I’ve set up all the YAML files etc. as per the guide. All I need to know is how to proceed to deploy /run the bot. Do I use PowerShell? Or do I have to use virtualization and / or a docker? Or maybe I have to do some other ninja tricks nobody has told me about? I’m very confused about all this.

Thanks in advance!