Telegram code run error

 I am trying to customize Telegram It is my task on android courses. I cant run latest version telegram on emulator on smartphone. Can you help me?


Problem solved!!!

I just:

  1. used NDK 16

  2. change ’ -DVERSION=“1.3.1” ’ -> -DVERSION=“1.3.1” in file

  3. add LOCAL_SHORT_COMMANDS := true in file after LOCAL_MODULE := avutil

  4. add APP_SHORT_COMMANDS := true in

  5. shut down antivirus which deleted one file during building

  6. change android.enableD8 = false -> android.enableD8 = true

Maybe error happened because i use Windows instead of Linux


Hi, how to change the telegram package name in the android studio? please help me.

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Hi, sent an email to your mail.

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