Tech Thursday: Markdown

GitHub utilizes Markdown, a markup language that formats plain text, and you will need to use it for formatting any text you write on the GitHub platform, such as in issues or pull requests. Getting started with Markdown can be a bit daunting, but don’t fret, it is relatively easy to learn.

If you need help with Markdown, check out the GitHub documentation on it with some really helpful tips. I’m also a big fan of this Markdown cheatsheet.

Happy formatting!


Great resources @ossanna16 - I always refer to the GitHub docs when I get stuck with simple and complex Git / GitHub tasks.


I always refer to the Markdown cheatsheet! Both really great resources :100:

Have this bookmarked–especially for tables :smiley:

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I use Jira a lot so switching back and forth between formatting styles can be confusing. The Markdown cheatsheet definitely comes in clutch :writing_hand:t5:


I hear you @ghostinhershell! Atlassian Cloud & non-Cloud (JIRA + Confluence) vs. Markdown has been challenging.

I also use the kramdown quick reference: