Tech Thursday: GitHub README

You can add a README to your GitHub profile to tell other people about yourself. If you’re new to GitHub, this is also a great exercise to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Try it out and post your README in the comments section below!

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I think mine could use a little jazzing up. I wrote it my first week at GitHub and was still learning Markdown. I hope to get some inspiration from everyone else’s :slight_smile:


Same here @liligalante - I only completed 6 out of 7 steps in the instructions and got this (nothing exciting - it’s the bare minimum)! It was so easy to do.

I think I created mine just before your blog post @ossanna16 so thanks for highlighting the GitHub docs page. I’ve always wondered how people got their jazzy profile pages … now I know. :+1:t3:

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Well done @anxumalo :raised_hands:

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