.TECH domain in gh developer pack

.TECH domain free for 1 year and 2 free email accounts with 100 MB free storage…does this mean our domain of portfolio will be accessed only for 1 year?or we can use domain lifelong?

Only first year. No domain seller sell domain for lifetime.

you get just first year free .TECH domain next year you have option to renew or just leave it.

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thanks ,so what domains are for longlive?

I can’t understand this line. Can you rephrase it?

So sorry ,i actually was sleepy at that time :sweat_smile:
I was asking if I had to make portfolio without this renewal kinda thing ,what domains should I use?

To be clear i was sleepy too that time. And thought that I’m not able to understand because i’m sleepy.

In big and bold text - THERE IS NO ANY DOMAIN WITHOUT THIS RENEWAL THING. You can use subdomain(GitHub pages) for portfolio(This don’t have renewal thing) or use FREE domain. Still you need to renew at 0.00$ or RS 0.00(INR)
This is a good question with many answer(big explanation). If you want good explanation you can connect with me. I have sent you a mail.