Team shows repos that the repos don't have listed as collaborators

  • I have a repo, “Third-Party Project”.
  • It has two teams listed in Collaborators: “All Devs” and “Read-Only”.
  • I have two devs, Joe Smith and Jane Brown.
  • They are part of the teams “All Devs” and “Third-Party Devs”.
  • I have a team, “Third-Party Devs”.
  • This team contains Joe Smith and Jane Brown.
  • This team shows that it has access to the repo “Third-Party Project”.

The problem: The repo “Third-Party Project” does not have that team listed.

Why is this?

Hi @xschelin,

Just to make sure I understand the issue properly, is it that the team “Third-Party Devs” is not showing up as a collaborator on the “Third-Party Project” repo, despite having access to it? If so, it sounds like you need to add that team as a collaborator to the repo.

If my understanding above isn’t accurate, would you be able to clarify what you mean when you say the “Third-Party Devs” team doesn’t show up on the “Third-Party Project” repo?

Kindest regards,