Team members can't assign issues to an Epic in our project baord

For some reason team members can not create Epics, nor assign issues to an Epic within a project board they have writng access for, within a team repostiory.
That is to say, the Epic option in the RHS menu of the issue is not even present (Sprints, Estimates and Releases are also not present). The only team member who can see and edi tthese, is the person with Admin rights.

We recently moved away from Zenhub, where all team members who had acess to our repository could create and edit Epic issues as well as assign/remove sub issues. We now work on a project board, so is this an issue with projects? or has some other access/permission change that coincidentally coincided with this move?

Can we change this, without having to give all contributors admin rights?

I’m not very sure of your situation,

I checked your profile, there seems to be no GitHub Org that you joined, so I’m thinking whether this is private repository and the team you are referring are added collaborators, but

If an organization-owned project board includes issues or pull requests from a repository that you don’t have permission to view, the card will be redacted. For more information, see “Project board permissions for an organization.”