Team member permission on repositories

Hello everyone,
sorry to bother with a probably stupid question, but I cannot find an answer to this “problem” and maybe I’m completely missing the point here.
I cannot understand how to give the possibility to Teams members, within an Organization, to add the repositories they created to the Team.
Basically they are able to create repositories in the organisation, but cannot add them to their Team.

Is this even possible? What am I missing?
Thank you for your help, best.

Hey @Nm-AU and welcome! I don’t believe you really “add” or designate repositories to a Team. You can, however, bulk grant a team access to a repository, which is described here:

Does that help?

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Thank you, yes I already read that page, as an organization owner I can do that, but I was wandering if it was possible to give this right also to member of the organization, but probably it is not possible.