Team being removed as a Pull Request reviewer after one member has reviewed

+1 This is an annoyance.

+1, we need to keep the PR visible to the assigned team, even if there is an approval from a team member

We have a workaround that expands the team from github Actions, but our enterprise would really like to have this implemented.

@JasonOsborne-H is that something you could share? It doesn’t look like this feature is going to be fixed by Github any time soon



Waiting on this feature as well. This would be helpful for new team members to be able to go back and look at previous PRs for ramping up.

+1 Adding our use case on this:

We have a codeowners file with all team members. We need custom tools to keep those files up to date when people joins or leaves.

We want to just have a team and point the codeowner to the team instead. Removing that update burden.
But we want to keep the entire team aware that a PR is still open. Not remove them once one person approves it.

We would be ok with this feature if either of these happened:

  • Kept the team aware of a PR opened even when someone approved it
  • Removed the team after the minimum approvals have been reached
  • Allowed to assign all team members to the PR, not a max of 3

+1 For this bug fix. Continues to be a day-to-day issue.

+1 for this, it’s a day to day issue

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+1 issue for multiple teams in my organization

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+1 issue at my organization across all teams

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+1 for this daily annoyance

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+1, this would be a great option for large teams.

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+1, sounds like a quick win for GitHub but it is big issue for us

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+1 this creates a lot of friction for our teams

Big +1 on this - causes a lot of pain

So I went ahead and built an action which could solve this for us. It works! but… :face_vomiting: GitHub then removes the team without being asked to.

This is a simplified example:

        team: [
          { name: foo, members: ['foo1', 'foo2'] },
          { name: bar, members: ['bar1', 'foo2'] },
      - name: Add team members
        id: add_members
        if: ==
        uses: octokit/request-action@v2.x
          route: POST /repos/{repo}/pulls/{pull_number}/requested_reviewers
          repo: ${{ github.repository }}
          pull_number: ${{ github.event.number }}
          reviewers: ${{ toJSON( }}
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

It works great if you don’t have a problem with the team being removed :face_vomiting:

@github-actions github-actions bot requested review from bar1 and foo2 and removed request for example/bar 2 minutes ago

+1 we also would love the “review request” to not be dismissed after only 1 review from a member of the team.


When is this going to be fixed? It’s been 2 years since the opening of this issue and it’s still broken.
When I assign a team as a codeowner the whole team disappears from the review requested after 1 approval when 3 approvals are needed. The feature is entirely broken.

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+1 for this. Would love to have some kind of a setting at least.

We recently migrated to GitHub and unfortunately this is a nuisance for us too.

We don’t want our teams to be dismissed from reviewers after 1 person from the team approves the PR.