Team based notifications or rework CODEOWNERS notification system

Hello, we are using CODEOWNERS file to lock down PR’s which are touching package.json until specified team of people will approve that. Problem is that CODEOWNER is set to @org/approval-team but we have more than 180 PR’s opened per day, and almost 20-30 requiring this approval. When someone will create this PR it will automatically subscribe the person of @org/approval-team to the and all further notifications on PR. I personally am receiving about 200 emails per day because of this subscription to unrelated PR’s. I have several proposals

  • Make notification team/group based. So I can turn off the notifications for particular team

  • Make a code owner requesting a review just a PING e-mail, not subscription, so a person will receive an email about the requested review but will not automatically subscribe to a thread (now it subscribe multiple people from group to all PR’s) this could be toggleable on/off

  • Make these notifications distinguished (e.g add some special CC as, (but again to all further emails not only first as now it will subscribe to PR and you will get all conversation to your inbox so I want to filter everything which is related to this PR … )so we can filter out this in the e-mail client and kill that emails with filters.


Hi @milosmosovsky,

Thanks for this feedback! We’re always working to improve GitHub, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I can definitely see the value in the suggestions you shared. I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.


@nadiajoyce Thank you very much :) 


Hey @nadiajoyce,

I was just checking in to see if there was a status update on this feature request?

My team has also ran into the need for more customization around email notifications for code owners so we threw some Kudos @milosmosovsky’s way and I thought I would also check in to see if you had any info on these efforts. 

Thanks again for all the work your team does! 


Hi @jamesmarkwilton,

I’m unable to provide any guarantees or timeline for this, but I can confirm it’s been shared with the appropriate teams. To keep an eye out and hear about new features and updates as quickly as possible, I’d recommend following our changelog on the blog. That’s where you’ll hear the most up-to-date information on new GitHub features.



Hi, I am interested in this too. Any updates?

no I don’t have it on

+1 on this. We are using teams as CODEOWNERS, and our team members get spammed with very many emails per day due to this.

Not sure if we should wait a few years more for such complex feature to distinguish email reason, or if I should just implement it as 3rd party feature and wait till you will buy me.

Just some monye give new

+1 we really need this, codeowners is making all github notifications useless, too many to sift through

Surely such a basic feature should have been implemented by now.

Larger repositories with many contributions daily (e.g. those typically used by enterprise customers) simply cannot use the codeowner feature without receiving hundreds of notifications every day, which in affect removes the ability to have any meaningful notifications at all. “Codeowners” as a feature seems to mostly target larger code bases, so surely fixing this issue should be a higher priority than “provide no update for 3 years”?

Any of the three methods detailed in the original post would be absolutely fine, there just needs to be some way of using codeowners without subscribing to every single PR that you own part of.

@nadiajoyce I appreciate you have said this is with the relevant team, but that was 3 years ago! Can you perhaps give them another prod?

This has changed and Code Review Assignment is now synergistic with CODEOWNERS. See Code Owners and Code Review Assignment warnings incorrect · Issue #4420 · github/docs · GitHub for details