Team account flagged

Our team account was flagged from yesterday and we don’t have any reason why it was flagged. Right now we are not able to see PRs, new commits changes, run CI processes, etc.

Ticket ID: 714442

Hi @giankotarola,

Thanks for being here. Only private support can help with this. We can’t discuss specific account details in the public forum. I can however confirm we’ve received your support request and a member of our support team will contact you.

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Hey @andreagriffiths11,

Thanks for the information and hope that today someone of the support team could say something to us since from Monday we were sending support requests through the private support and until now we haven’t received any information about the flagged, and this really blocks us from apps releases.

Thanks @giankotarola, please check your inbox for an update from our support team. Thanks again for your patience.

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Thanks @andreagriffiths11 for the help. I replied back to the latest update message from the support team and we hope to be back to normal asap.

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