Tax Fee and Liquidity Fee not active

I have been created contract and set up fee like this
uint256 private constant MAX = ~uint256(0);
uint256 private _tTotal = 1000000000 * 106 * 109;
uint256 private _rTotal = (MAX - (MAX % _tTotal));
uint256 private _tFeeTotal;

string private _name = "Test";
string private _symbol = "Test";
uint8 private _decimals = 9;

uint256 public _taxFee = 5;
uint256 private _previousTaxFee = _taxFee;

uint256 public _liquidityFee = 5;
uint256 private _previousLiquidityFee = _liquidityFee;

But when i traded, nothing happened, fee just only 0,5% . I thought maybe i didn’t write contract after verified and i increased on Write Contract .

After that I checked carefully and try a gain but nothing happened again, just only 0,5%. I saw other contract who deployed same as my contract they still got 10 or 12% fee.
Please support me to solve this problem.
Kind Regards,