Task Lists Marked Disabled In Issue Comment API

As an example of what I mean:

The task list in this comment is nice and styled with color. The options in the list are not disabled so they are not greyed out which is ideal for visuals. Looking at the HTML for each entry, the ‘disabled’ flag is not present on any of the lists entries.

However, when you personally query this list via the API:

GET /repos/{owner}/{repo}/issues/{issue_number}/comments

And request that the body is returned via HTML, the task list entries are marked as disabled.

Is there a way to disable this to mimic GitHub’s actual output without having to rely on JavaScript to clear the tags after the fact?

Hello, welcome to the community!

How exactly are you doing this part? Are you using the POST /markdown REST endpoint to render the comment’s body into HTML?

Hello, I am doing this via the above GET request I mentioned in the first post. I am setting the ACCEPT header to use HTML via:


As well as to accept the current beta of reaction information via:


This allows me to get back body_html which has the markdown pre-formatted to HTML by GitHub’s side of things for me.