TAs and admins invitation to courses problem


I am a TA and I created the classroom. Students can access the classroom and accept assignments. However, the Professor can’t see class access to the classroom or assignments. When I tried to invite him the GitHub refer me to the organization page and it appears that the professor’s account is already in the organization.

Thank in advance

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I have a similar problem. The department head created the classroom. I was given access to see the classrooms. I am a TA and have tried to create assignments, but the students can only see the defaults not what I have added. They can see the changes when I modify a repository the professor has created. Is this an access problem again?

I had to edit the assignment a second time with the modified repository as starter code and then invite the students so that the students could see the assignment. The documentation needs to reflect this limitation. This wasted a lot of my time and gave the students a bad impression of git.