Take over inactive account

How would it be possible to take over an inactive account?
There is one created in year 2018 which has no repositories and no activity, so it looks to be dead.
I would like to get it because of the name.
Thank you in advance!

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:wave: Welcome!

If you believe the account has used a trademark you own, you can check out the process for reporting that here:


If you just want the username, you can try to contact the account owner. If that doesn’t work, you can try contacting private support. Please bear in mind, however, that not all activity is public. Some very active profiles can appear unused.

If you are actually looking to take over an account, I’m afraid that is not possible.

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@canuckjacq How about the situation where the logo and name were under opensource license and they have registered a Github org under the name of the FOSS app and are using logo and even URL or the original repo? I should note that the org does not have any activity and do not have any repo that is original (they are inactive forks)

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@mmahmoudian I would recommend opening a ticket. Again, there is no way for you to determine on your own whether or not an account is active. Private repositories are quite common on GitHub.