Take Down User Page

I wanted to swap my GitHub user page  here and so I removed the repo on the GitHub site and the local repo where I first removed the remote. As per GitHub docs on this.

I then created a new user site repo for my account name … with the same project name as before … and pushed the new Quasar site. These files appeared in my repo as they should and nothing of the former repo remained.

But now the previous Nuxt-Vuetify page still appears when I navigate to gringolalia.github.io.

And so I went followed the instructions for Quasar deployment on GitHub

These had  worked on an organization page of mine.

Perhaps I thought I needed to RTFM again about deleting pages.

I had not yet tried deleting just the master branch as instructed. Maybe turning it off and back on would do  the  trick. But so far no change. Settings > Github Pages does not show the gh-pages option in the dropdown and the former page will not budge.

Has anyone ever seen the like? Thank you. Probably idiocy on my part.

Also from the Quasar docs, a deploy command in package.json after building the Quasar app.

"deploy": "push-dir --dir=dist/spa --remote=gh-pages --branch=master"

Has anyone ever come across this problem.

We don’t support Quasar directly, so if you have a question about that software, you should contact their support resources. If you believe that your GitHub Pages repository is configured incorrectly, you may want to reach out to GitHub Support at https://github.com/contact or via email at support@github.com. Private support will have the visibility into your repository configuration to help you further.

I hope that helps.