Take control of an organization

The situation

The situation is simple, there is a FOSS repo (https://github.com/lupoDharkael/flameshot/) and we would like to turn it into a Github organization.

The problems

  1. The name if the original repo is already taken by [an account](https://github.com/flameshot]
  2. A Github organization using the name, logo, and URL of the original application has been created by some other people and there is no activity in any of their repos which are forks of the original app’s repos (no original work/repo): https://github.com/flameshotapp

The original repo is under GPLv3 and the logo is under Free Art License v1.3

The question

What is the procedure of tking the control of that org (of course after asking the current owners polietly and etc.)?


If you believe that flameshotapp is violating a trademark of yours, please see our Trademark Policy for information and instructions on how to submit a claim. If we agree with you, the username can be released so you can use it yourself.

If you’d like the flameshot username, your best bet is to contact the owner directly and ask them for it.

Please note that, under no circumstances, will GitHub Support actually grant access to an organisation or account that is not yours. Best case scenario is that the username is released for you to use with your own organisation.


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