Take a look at my modular JS library for automating various user interaction features.

Hello! After a couple weeks of development I believe I am deep enough into this project to get some initial feedback.

As stated in the description, this library is simply a set of JS modules in the form of classes that can be used in conjunction with predefined html structures to implement fancy features like switching colors on mouseover, dropdown menus, reel menus, 3D animation etc. I have much more in mind and documentation on individual classes is not quite finished yet, but for this I mainly just want you to be able to look at the webpage and see how the library is implemented in HTML and give me feedback on if you would use something like this for your own development.

You can find it here. Open the test.html file in the root of the repo.

In the root of the repo you will find several folders which are all self contained test webpages since I develope all of these features independantly. However, you will also find an html file called test.html which I use to test compatibility between the modules. The README file in the root explains how the library works in general terms, and each module has its own README as well which goes over the specific interface for that module. The newer modules (ClickBox, ReelBox, and ThreeDBox) were just finished with initial development this weekend so much more user customization will be added to those along with significantly more detailed documentation.

Any feedback is very much appreciated!