Tags in GitHub Desktop


I am starting to use Github Desktop and need to assign a tag. Using git bash I can do the following:

git tag v5.2

However, I can;t find an obvious way to do this in Github Desktop. Any help or orientation is appreciated. Using Github Desktop with git 2.17 on Windows. Thank you! Sgarv

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There is an open issue for this on the GitHub Desktop repository. You may want to subscribe there for updates.

Thanks, will do. SGarv

IMHO, surprised this is not in the current version

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After 1 year, still no Tags in Github Desktop


Hi @nguyen-tam!

I hear your frustration about this feature not being prioritized in GitHub Desktop. However, this project is an open source project where everyone is able to contribute, so it is difficult to predict which features will be prioritized when. If you’re interested in getting more directly involved, please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file in the repository.


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Wow, I was tasked with researching Git GUI’s for my team.

We’re on Github, so using the GitHub Desktop interface makes the most sense, especially because our developers won’t have to manually setup security (Oauth, etc…), BUT “tags” are a must for our team.  So now I have to put GitHub Desktop on the back burner and it’s not going to make the cut, therefor we will not use it.  This is super disappointing, beyond words, open source application or not tags are a basic feature of Git.

Rant over, guess I better keep researching other applications, super disappointed.


just use visual studio code and it will allow you to change tags/branches easily

After 2 year, still no Tags in Github Desktop

This was fixed in the latest Github desktop, if you follow the link in the solution, above!

Hmmm - not in V2.5 Windows 10 Desktup GUI - which github desktop says is the latest version.  What version has tags?

EDIT: found em.  You have to go to changes/history panel and right click.

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