Tags For Releases

I started versioning my project using semantic versioning via conventional commits and standard version. When standard version generates the diff between versions it runs a command similar to npx git-semver-tags --tag-prefix v to fetch tags, then compares the previous tag with the new one created.

I am struggling to figure out why npx git-semver-tags --tag-prefix v is not fetching all the tags on my project repository. For example in GH, I see all my tags v4.10.0, v4.10.1… etc but when running the command locally I only see one version v4.10.0. Did I tag v4.10.0 a certain way that I didn’t the others? How does semver-tags fetch these from the GH repository, because running git tag -l |grep v lists all of them but the former command does not (This is needed for the releases with the above-mentioned packages to work properly). Any insight will be appreciated.