Tag without release

Hi, any updates on this?

Another me too. Tags are just pointers to a commit, no need to associate a release with each of them. We would love to start using releases in github in a proper way but the current behaviour is preventing us from doing so.

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Another me too.
6 years now (as someone in 2019 said 4 years ^^)

I would like to know if it becomes available.

Developers have to manage their own CHANGELOG, because GitHub releases tab is useless when you add not only release tags.

they said they’d pass it along as a feature request, though.

That’s back in May 2017. That makes it four years of ignoring their users. I think it’s safe to say they’re not interested in fixing their mistake.

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Is there any hope of getting this fixed? Is an option to just remove the link to Releases so hard to implement?


Incredible how this is still an issue after more than three years. With the advent of GitHub Actions especially, these automatic releases really get in the way of doing things properly…

I couldn’t resist creating an account here to post this.

Jokes aside, this makes the Releases UI soo confusing.