Tag triggered runs failing: "Could not find a service connection for the repository"

Getting an issue when attempting to trigger a tagged build in devops. See https://dev.azure.com/kaprice919/Failing_Tags/_build
and https://github.com/kevin-Price/Failing_Tags for reference.

Wondering if this is an issue with the github -> devops webhook.

The error is: “Could not find a service connection for the repository”
Interesting to note here is that the commit SHA link on the pipeline run is wrong. It takes you to a github with a 404. However, if you click the tag link in the pipeline run, it takes you to the correct tag/commit in github.

Another interesting thing to note is It says “Batched CI for Github”. Previously when triggering on tags, this just said “Rolling build triggered”.

All of this behavior is recent. We’ve only seen this behavior since yesterday around 1pm central time.

Hey @kevin-Price I think you may have found:

…about this issue; which (according to the comment I linked to) should now be fixed on the MSFT side?

Please let us know if you’re still seeing issues and we can check around for any GitHub-related relevant information.