Tag instead of SHA on deployments dashboard

On the new deployments dashboard (this one), is it possible to get it to show the tag that we triggered the deploy with, instead of a hash? On the API side I’m passing our release tag as “ref” for the create deployment call. If I retrieve the deployments from the API, ref is still shown as the tag I supplied. We can lookup the release from a SHA, but it’d be really nice if we could get it to display the original tag instead of a SHA, or perhaps display the description field? This does work correctly if we specify a PR to deploy, and shows the PR branch name instead of the SHA, but does not with the tag.

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Hi @dawn-minion,

Thanks for sharing that feedback. I’ve passed this information on to the team working on the Deployments API for review. I can’t say if or when this change might be implemented, but if it is, it will be announce in the GitHub changelog


hi @that-pat 

might you be able to provide an update on this? is this change under consideration?

The ref sha displaying instead of a tag makes the UI pretty annoying in terms if UX.