Syntax highlighting on embedded gist fails

Thank you for your reply and for checking the website nethgato!

The problem we are facing is that we are unable to highlight the code when we are selecting the it.
This gif shows what I mean.
First, the regular text highlights as normal when selecting it to copy-&-paste.
However, the code inside the Gist does not highlight in the same manner.
We are able to copy & paste but it is not a great user experience.

Thank you for checking our code and glad to hear we are doing it correctly.
Is this a style updating from GitHub or is this a conflict with Zendesk?

Thank you for your time.


Hey @ahandsel I’ve moved this post to its own thread as it no longer relates to the OP that it was spawned from.

Though I’m also not able to reproduce the behavior you display here and am able to highlight the code without issue:

Though I do see from your gif that you’re unable; which is really weird!

Can you let us know what version of Chrome you’re using? Does this happen in other browsers? On other machines? Are you logged in or out of the site?

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Thank you so much for your support nethgato! :bowing_man:
Sorry for my late response, I just got back from my holiday break.

The Gists on our website are indeed working!
I was successful in highlighting, copying, and pasting the code hosted via GitHub Gists from our articles!

Looks like other people who experienced the same issue are no longer as well.

Sorry for troubling you during the holidays and I appreciate your quick and thorough feedback!

Happy holidays!

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