syntax for Edit Me button in a Jekyll site


I’m trying to update the url for the Edit Me button (above) on a Jekyll site I’m building, by entering the basepath URL in the config.yml file.

I tried using the full URL:[profilename]/[reponame].git

And all kinds of combinations of /[profilename]/[reponame]

I have published the site using a cname record to <>

But every combination produces a 404 error. Any tips or guidance appreciated.

Hi @texterity,

Is your repository public? If so, could you share a link to it so that we can check out the code you’re working with? I think that will help for troubleshooting this.



Actually no - which might be part of the problem, now you mention it! I will create a public version and try and again, and if that doesn’t solve the problem, then I will post it. 

OK I’ve made that repo public at (It’s a copy of the Jekyll Documentation template from the idratherbewriting blog.) There are currently two branches, Master and Review. I had the idea that I could point the Edit Me link to the Review branch. But the desired effect is that, anonymous users (i.e. not signed in to Github) can propose edits. 

Incidentally in the idratherbewriting template the basepath url is


Is the term ‘blob’ required for this expression?

Answered my own question! Open the repo and branch that you want to be the destination for the edit path, then copy the URL between /yourid and the file name. That becomes the base path for the config.yml.


Hey @texterity, Thank you for coming back and sharing what worked for you!

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