syntax error

It’s telling me that there’s a syntax error on line ten. Can anyone help me?

def extended_synthetic_division(dividend, divisor):

dividend and divisor are both polynomials

out = list(dividend) # Copy the dividend
normalizer = divisor[0]
xrange = (len(dividend)-(len(divisor)-1)
for i in xrange(len(dividend)-(len(divisor)-1)
out[i] /= normalizer

for general polynomial division (when the coefficient isn’t one)

normalize by dividing the coefficient with the divisor’s first coefficient

coef = out[i]
if coef != 0: # useless to multiply if coef is 0
for j in xrange(1, len(divisor)): # skip the first coefficient of the divisor,

because it’s only used to normalize the dividend coefficients

out[i + j] += -divisor[j] * coef

The result contains both the quotient and remainder, the remainder is the size of the divisor (the remainder

has the same degree as the divisor since it’s what couldn’t be divided from the dividend), so compute the index

return the quotient and remainder.

separator = -(len(divisor)-1)
return out[:separator], out[separator:] # return quotient, remainder.

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:
N = [-2, -3, 4, 5]
D = [1, 2]
print (" %s / %s =") % (N,D),
print (" %s remainder %s") % extended_synthetic_division(N, D)

Hi and welcome @mcropper14 ,

First of all, it would be really handy if you could post your code in a good way over here. Because especially with Python the indents are important as well. You also reference line numbers, which aren’t visible here in the Community. Since people are a bit lazy by default your post won’t get the engagement it deserves if you make it hard for them to answer your question. I created a Gist (without indentation, sadly) to make things a bit more clear:

As for the syntax error, this is line 9:

for i in xrange(len(dividend)-(len(divisor)-1)

Have you tried changing that to:

for i in xrange(len(dividend)-(len(divisor)-1)):

(adding a **) **and  : at the end of the line. I think that will fix it.