Syncing with Virtual Studio after cherry-picking with Github desktop

This was my original question:

Now, after changing the name of the folder on github so I could do the cherry picking with github desktop, I can’t sync with Virtual Studio where I actually do my coding.
I changed the main folder name from Rubberband to Rubberband-master. So I figured changing the “origin” in Virtual Studio from Rubberband to Rubberband-master would make it be able to sync, but it doesn’t. How do I sync with Virtual Studio now?

EDIT: here’s the message I get when trying to sync:
"“Remote: Repository not found.
Git failed with a fatal error.
repository ‘’ not found”

Is it against the rules to bump this? How can I get my code on Visual Studio to sync again?
When I try to sync with Visual Studio using the origin ‘GitHub - will2asher/RubberBand: will_asher's variant of Angband, A free, single-player roguelike dungeon exploration game’**, it gives me this:
“Opening repositories:
C:\Users\Dajustiss\Documents\My Games\RubberBand\Angband\angband
Warning: Pulling without specifying how to reconcile divergent branches is
discouraged. You can squelch this message by running one of the following
commands sometime before your next pull:
git config pull.rebase false # merge (the default strategy)
git config pull.rebase true # rebase
git config pull.ff only # fast-forward only
You can replace “git config” with “git config --global” to set a default
preference for all repositories. You can also pass --rebase, --no-rebase,
or --ff-only on the command line to override the configured default per
Everything up-to-date”
But everything isn’t up to date. Why is it saying “Pulling without specifying how to reconcile divergent branches is discouraged”? I shouldn’t have divergent branches. I already chose which changes to keep or not keep on Github desktop and pushed it all back to github.

**It isn’t letting me post the actual address. It keeps changing it to this title instead.